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Culture words for South America

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Word List Items

Name Note
after Details
afternoon Details
again Details
age Details
always Details
autumn Details
before Details
dawn Details
day Details
day after tomorrow Details
day before yesterday Details
dry season Details
early Details
end (n) Details
for a long time Details
Friday Details
hour Details
immediately Details
late Details
Monday Details
month Details
morning Details
never Details
new Details
night, late afternoon Details
noon Details
now Details
often, frequently Details
old Details
quick Details
rainy season Details
ready Details
Saturday Details
season Details
short, brief Details
slow Details
sometimes Details
soon Details
spring Details
summer Details
Sunday Details
Thursday Details
time Details
to begin Details
to complete, to finish Details
to delay Details
to hurry Details
to last Details
to stop, to cease Details
today Details
tomorrow Details
Tuesday Details
watch, clock Details
Wednesday Details
week Details
winter Details
year Details
yesterday Details
young Details