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Swadesh 100

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Word List Items

Name Note
all (of a number) Details
ash(es) Details
bark (of tree) Details
belly (abdomen, stomach) Details
big Details
bird Details
black (colour) Details
blood (n) Details
bone Details
breast Details
child Details
cloud (not fog) Details
cold (of weather) Details
dog Details
dry (adj) Details
ear Details
earth (soil, ground) Details
egg Details
eye Details
fat (organic substance) Details
feather (not down) Details
fingernail Details
fire Details
fish (n) Details
foot (not leg) Details
full Details
good Details
green (colour) Details
hair (of head) Details
hand (not arm) Details
head (anatomic) Details
heart (organ) Details
horn Details
I (1sg) Details
knee Details
leaf (botanics) Details
liver Details
long (adj) Details
louse (lice) Details
man (adult male human) Details
many Details
meat/flesh Details
moon Details
mountain Details
mouth Details
name Details
neck Details
new Details
night Details
nose Details
not Details
one Details
person (individual human) Details
rain (n) Details
red (colour) Details
road/path Details
root (botanics) Details
round Details
sand Details
seed (n) Details
skin (person's) Details
small Details
smoke (n) Details
star Details
stone Details
sun Details
tail Details
that (deixis, distal) Details
this (deixis, proximal) Details
thou (2sg) Details
to bite Details
to burn (intr.) Details
to come Details
to die Details
to drink Details
to eat Details
to fly Details
to give Details
to hear Details
to kill Details
to know Details
to lie (recline) Details
to say Details
to see Details
to sit Details
to sleep Details
to stand Details
to swim Details
to walk Details
tongue (anatomical) Details
tooth (general) Details
tree Details
two Details
warm (of weather) Details
water (n) Details
we (1pl excl.) Details
we (1pl incl.) Details
we (1pl) Details
what? Details
white (colour) Details
who? Details
woman Details
yellow (colour) Details
you (2pl) Details