Typological Grid – Index Austronesia

Name Description
Conjunction reduction In non-AV! [Bill was bitten by the dog] and[ Ø ran away].
Floating quantifiers In non-AV: The boys were all seen by the girls.
Reflexivity Bill saw himself in the mirror
Name Description
Polar interrogatives
What did you eat?
When did you arrive?
Where did you go?
Who ate the meat?
WH-verbs What did you do yesterday?: how is this realized?
Name Description
Connegatives "Mary has bought a book" & "Mary has not bought a book": a) has bought: 2 different forms? b) negated = IMP? c) negated = with overt IMP morphology?
Prefix concord
Word Order and Voice
Name Description
Applicative? Do the following exs have 2 different verb forms? · The students threw stones · The students threw stones at the police
AV/nonAV dif? Different verb forms in: a) "the girl that bought the book" and b) "the book that Mary bought"? if YES: a)=Actor Voice (AV) b)= non-Actor voice (NAV)
ERG=GEN? ERG is case of A in non-AV: "The cake was eaten by Mary."
Gapless REL I like the smell [that mom is roasting meat].
IntrWO.NP Mary got up
IntrWO.Pro I got up
Multipolar voice? Any of the following have verb forms different from BOTH variants in (13)? · the child that Mary bought the book for · the stick that Mary hit the dog with · the bag that Mary put the rice in · the chair that Mary sat on
NAF.WO.Adv.NP The snake was hit by the boy for no reason.
NAF.WO.Adv.PRO You hit me for no good reason.
NAF.WO.Cv.NP The sweet potato "will come to be eate" by a rat (=A rat will come to eat the sweet potato)).
NAF.WO.CV.PRO You will come to see me.
NAF.WO.if.NP ... if the sweet potato is eaten by a rat...
NAF.WO.if.PRO if I see you...
NAF.WO.NEG.NP The sweet potato was not eaten by a rat.
NAF.WO.NEG.PRO You didn't hit me.
NAF.WO.NP The sweet potato was eaten by a rat.
NAF.WO.PRO You saw me.
Nominalization [my hitting you] was not a good idea
Preverb 29a-b) "the book that the girl went to buy" & "the girl that went to buy the book": a) went ≠ went? b) buy≠buy? 29c) "the stick that the boy recklessly hit the dog with", "the boy that recklessy hit the dog", and" the dog that the boy recklessly hit": – recklessly: >2 different forms?
Tr.AF.WO.NP Mary hit the dog
TrAF.WO.Adv.NP Mary hit the dog for no good reason
TrAF.WO.Adv.NPro I hit the dog for no good reason
TrAF.WO.Cv.NP Mary went to hit the dog
TrAF.WO.Cv.NPro I went to hit the dog
TrAF.WO.if.NP if Mary hits the dog...
TrAF.WO.if.NPro if you hit the dog
TrAF.WO.Neg.NP Mary did not hit the dog
TrAF.WO.NEG.NPro I did not hit the dog
TrAF.WO.NPro I hit the dog
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