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Lund University, Sweden

Gerd Carling
Gerd Carling is Associate Professor in General linguistics at Lund University. Gerd Carling is project leader and database editor and founder. She works with Indo-European data, database design, and data analysis (2013-).
Arthur Holmer
Arthur Holmer is Associate Professor in General Linguistics. He has worked with Austronesian data, typological data, and Basque (2013-).
Niklas Johansson
Niklas Johansson is PhD student in Linguistics at Lund University. Niklas has worked with Indo-European, Austronesian and Caucasian typological data, and Romani, Chapacuran, Austronesian, and Caucasian lexical data. He has also worked with geographical data and project coordination (2013-).
Rob Verhoeven
Rob Verhoeven is head programmer in the project. He is responsible for the database design, data migration, and the web interface. He has a background in Computer Science and Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (2013-).
Sandra Cronhamn
Sandra Cronhamn is MA and PhD student in General linguistics at Lund University. She has worked on lexical data in Amazonian, Austronesian, Uralic and Caucasian languages (2013-).
Rob Farren
Robert Farren is MA in General linguistics at Lund University. He has worked on culture vocabulary in Indo-European (2014-2018).
Filip Larsson
Filip Larsson is MA in linguistics at Lund University. He has worked on Indo-European typological and lexical data (2013-).
Josien Greidanus
Josien Greidanus is MA student in Linguistics and research assistant in LUNDIC. She has worked with the digitization of language data in the IMDI/CLARIN system and digitized European polygons of the database (2014-2016).
Anne Goergens
Anne Goergens is MA in General Linguistics and research assistent in LUNDIC. She has worked with typological data from Arawak, Tupí, and Indo-European languages (2013-2016).
Love Eriksen
Love Eriksen is PhD in Human Ecology and wrote his PhD thesis on Nature and Culture in prehistoric Amazonia. Love has been an advisor on Amazonian archaeology and ethnology and is one of the co-founders of the project (2013-2015).
Joost van de Weijer
Joost van de Weijer obtained his PhD in 1998 at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen. Joost has been working with statistical analyses (2013-2015).
Edin Kuckovic
Edin Kuckovic is system administrator in the project (2013-2018).
Johan Dahl
Johan Dahl is system administrator in the project (2013-2019).
Anastasia Karlsson
Anastasia Karlsson is Associate Professor in Phonetics at Lund University. Anastasia has been an advisor for Turkic languages.
Chundra Cathcart
Chundra Cathcart is PhD in linguistics from UC Berkeley. Chundra works with supervising Indo-Aryan, Indo-Iranian and Tocharian, and with statistical analyses in the database (2015-).
Astrid Zimmermann
Astrid Zimmermann is a priveous MA student at Lund University, now PhD at University of Grenoble. Astrid has worked with all GIS data in the database (2018-2019).
Johan Frid
Johan Frid is researcher at Lund University/Lund Humanities Lab as well as local coordinator of the SWE-CLARIN network. Johan works with statistical analysis and the collaboration with SWE-CLARIN (2016-).
Ante Petrović
Ante Petrović has worked with lexical and typological data for Indo-European languages. (2019-2020)
Olof Lundgren
Olof Lundgren is MA student at Lund University. He works with coding of Swadesh lists in the database (2020-).
David Gert
David Gert is BA and research assistant at Lund University. He has worked with coding of Swadesh data (2020).
Linus Nilsson
Linus Nilsson is BA and research assistant at Lund University. He works with the coding of Swadesh data (2020-).

Malmö University, Sweden

Karina Vamling
Karina Vamling has a PhD in General linguistics and is professor of Caucasian Studies, Malmö University. Her work deals mainly with Circassian (Adyghe and Kabardian) in Northwest Caucasus and the Kartvelian languages Georgian and Megrelian in South Caucasus. She is working with all Caucasian data in the database (all families).
Maka Tetradze
Maka Tetradze is a PhD student in Caucasus studies at Malmo University and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She is working on the morphophonology of the Lezgian language. She wrote a MA thesis about Batsbi phonology. She is a native speaker of Georgian. As a project assistant in Lundic she has worked mainly on culture and basic vocabulary of Caucasian languages.
Tamar Lomadze
Tamar Lomaze s a doctoral student of the Saint Andrew the First-Called Georgian University of the Patriarchate of Georgia and Malmö University. Her research interests are sociolinguistics, discourse analysis. She is a native speaker of Georgian and in the project she has worked on Kartvelian data.
Elnur Aliyev
Elnur Aliyev is a PhD student from Arn. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics, Tbilisi, Georgia, who has been employed at Lund University as research assistant (2017). Elnur has worked with Caucasian and Turkic lexical and typologogical in the database.

Laboratório de Línguas e Litteraturas Indígenas, Universidade de Brasília, Brazil

Ana Suelly Arruda Câmara Cabral
Ana Suelly Arruda Câmara Cabral has a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Pittsburgh. She is Associate Professor at the University of Brasilia, as well as vice-coordinator of the Laboratory of Indigenous Languages and Litteratures (LALLI) of the Institute of Arts, University of Brasilia. She has contributed, advised and supervised Amazonian data in the database.
Joaquim Mana
Joaquim Mana is a PhD Student at LALLI (UnB) from the Huni Kuin people living in the State of Acre, Brazil. He is working on developing an orthography for the Huni Kuin language (also referred to as Kaxinawá) spoken by the community, so that in the future the Huni Kuin knowledge and culture can be recorded in writing and can be taught in the Huni Kuin schools.
Nanblá Gakran
Nanblá Gakran is a PhD Student at LALLI (UnB). He is from the Laklãnõ (Xokleng) community, living in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. His Phd project is a descriptive study of the grammar of Laklãnõ/Xokleng, a Jê language.
Wary Kamaiurá Sabino
Wary Kamaiurá Sabino is a PhD Student at LALLI (UnB). He is from the Kamaiurá/Aweti community, and lives in the village called “Aldeia Saidão Alto Xingu Estado de Mato Grosso”. He is a native speaker of both Kamaiurá and Aweti, and is working on his dissertation on the Kamaiurá language.
Aisanain Páltu Kamaiura
Aisanain Páltu Kamaiura is a PhD Student at LALLI (UnB). He is from the Kamaiurá community of the Upper Xingu in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. He is a teacher in the Kamaiura village and a researcher in Kamaiura language and culture.
Kaman Nahukua
Kaman Nahukua is an MA Student at LALLI (UnB). He is from the Hahukua/Calapalo community of the Upper Xingu, and is doing research on his native language and culture.
Makaulaka Mehinako
Makaulaka Mehinako is an MA Student at LALLI (UnB). He is from the Mehinako people of Xingu, Brazil, and is doing research on his native language and culture.

University of East Anglia

Vera da Silva Sinha
Vera da Silva Sinha is PhD at University of East Anglia. She has an Masters’ Degree in Anthropology, Federal University of Pernambuco (2000); Masters’ Degree (MSc) in International Criminal Justice, University of Portsmouth (2006); She has worked, together with Chris Sinha and Wany Sampaio, with Amazonian data collection and fieldwork in the project.

Federal University of Rondônia, Brazil

Wany Sampaio
Professor emerita Wany Sampaio is a field linguist who works in the areas of the linguistics of indigenous languages and education (including indigenous education). Her specialist research areas are the genetic relations of the Tupi-Kawahib languages, and motion typology and space-time metaphor in the Tupi-Kawahib language Amondawa (with Vera da Silva Sinha and Chris Sinha).

Hunan University

Chris Sinha
Distinguished Professor in Cognitive Science at Hunan University and Visiting Professor in the Department of Linguistics, Lund University. He is one of the co-founders of the approach in the project and has worked on Tupí language data.

Arn. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics, Tbilisi, Georgia

Merab Chukhua
Merab Chukhua has a PhD in historical linguistics. He is a researcher at Chikobava Institute of Linguistics and professor at Tbilisi State University. He is the author of 3 monographs and more than 100 articles concerning Caucasian languages, particularly, Kartvelian and Nakh-Daghestanian languages.

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Leila Avidzba
Leila Avidzba has a PhD in Philology. The title of her doctoral thesis is "Vocabulary of human anatomy and physiology in the Abkhaz language". She is a native speaker of Abkhaz and lecturer of the Abkhaz language at the Scientific Research Center of Georgian-Abkhazian Relations, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Georgia). She is working with Abkhazian data in the database
Elnur Aliyev
Elnur Aliyev is a PhD student at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, specializing in Dagestanian and Turkic languages. In the project, he has worked with lexical data in Caucasian and Turkic languages.

Sukhumi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Teimuraz Gvantseladze
Prof. Teimuraz Gvantseladze is a leading Georgian specialist on the Abkhaz language. He has his PhD from Tbilisi State University. He is the head of department of the Institute of Abkhaz Language and Culture at Sukhumi State University.

Dagestan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Dagestan, Russia

Madzhid Khalilov
Prof. Madzhid Khalilov defended his PhD thesis with the title "Bezhta vocabulary", and received his doctorate on the basis of his research in "Georgian-Daghestan language contact"s. His research interests include phonetics, morphology, word-formation, lexicology and lexicography and language contacts in the area of the Caucasus.

University of Queensland, Australia, School of Languages and Cultures, UQ

Dr. Erich Round
Erich Round is a specialist in evolutionary linguistics and the Australian and Indo-European language families. He has checked typological datasets, in particular for Indo-European (2015-2018).

University of Pavia

Sunny Pydugadu
Sunny Pydugadu is MA student at University of Pavia. Sunny works with gender coding and control of Indo-European Swadesh data (2019-2020).
Silvia Luraghi
Silvia Luraghi is Professor at University of Pavia. She workds with control and supervision of gender coding of Indo-European Swadesh data (2019-2020).

Workshop Amazonian languages, Lund April, 2014, from left to right: Ana Suely de Cabral, Sandra Cronhamn, Wany Sampaio, Wary Kamaiura, Nambla Gakran, Gerd Carling.

Workshop Caucasian languages, Lund, May 2015, from left to right: Filip Larsson, Arthur Holmer, Karina Vamling, Rob Farren, Niklas Johansson, Gerd Carling, Sandra Cronhamn, Zarina Molochieva, Nadezda Alipulatova, Merab Chukhua, Madszhid Khalilov, Leila Avidzba, Maka Tetradze, Revaz Tchantouria.