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DiACL is an open access database with lexical and typological/morphosyntactic data for historical, comparative and phylogenetic linguistics. It contains data from 500 languages of 18 families, divided into three macro-areas: Eurasia, Pacific, and the Amazon.

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Visit the Lund Language Typology and Evolution research group, for publications, news and guidelines to using data.

Note from the editor: The DiACL database is a work in progress. Even though our aim is to produce a scientifically reliable resource, where all datapoints are sourced, mistakes and inconsistencies might be found in the codings. Further, datasets may be in the process of expansion or change. We are grateful for all comments on the content of the database, either on our Facebook page, or by mail to the editor (Gerd Carling). We will also inform, via the webpage, on changes of datasets in the database.
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